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    ? 5.0 inches motorized encoder mini carriage, more efficient, more stable. Warning if cam at wrong position, to avoid needle hit.

    ? Motorized yarn feeder, auto feeding yarn without carriage leading, reduce missed course, more efficient more various designs. Take down force is more even, fabric density is more stable.

    ? Touch screen is more visible and easy to operate.

    ? Double-side narrowing, high speed and high efficiency.

    ? Dynamic density, adjustable density in a single row, more various patterns.

    ??Force loop-off technology avoids stitch missing problem.

    ? Zero waiting of racking, needle transfer and knit synchronous, more efficient.

    ? Networking function is useful for large-scale production online management, mobile App supports offsite management.

    ? Achieve pointel, tuck, multi-colour INTARSIA, full needle, floating jacquard, double jacquard, apparent shaping, hidden shaping, PLATING, WEFT INSERTION and other different kinds of irregular patterns, like single jacquard with plating. ?Multi-colour Intarsia increase efficiency as 70%.

    ? Suitable for wool, cashmere, cotton, chemical fiber, silk, as well as different kinds of blended yarn.

    ? Automatic oiling system of needle bed, reduce wear and extend machine life.

    Size: 2.88X0.92X2.01m

    Weight: 1080KG?around

    Power: 2.0kw

    Touch Screen

    One-touch screen, easy operation, satisfied experience.

    Needle Bed

    Divided structure, steel sheet made from import high quality steel precisely punched and fine polished to reduce the resistance with needles and increase the longevity.


    Core spare parts, imported steel, manufactured by high-speed CNC. Fine polishing to achieve surface finish as mirror to reduce the resistance with needles and improve efficiency.

    Scissors And Clippers

    Clippers work with scissors to increase the knitting efficiency.

    Take Down Comb

    Use motive release technology, work with clippers and scissors set to decrease the waste yarn, yarn clearing work and increase the productivity.

    Positive Yarn Provider

    Positive yarn providing, successfully reduce yarn resistance, increase knitting efficiency.